"You must be the change you want to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi


Enjoli Lauderdale, (better known as 'Enji’ to her close friends and family) is a product of her colorful environment. Born and raised in sunny California, she studied acting in NYC and survived the grit of the big city. Enji has her Bachelor's degree in business and now resides in Atlanta, GA, where she began her current—and most important chapter as a mother. Throughout her life, Enjoli has experienced heartache in the form of familial loss. Despite her losses, Enji remains a beacon of positivity and love to all those that she crosses paths with. She has an infectious spirit and her laugh could light up a room.

Enji has always had an affinity for helping others and has decided to incorporate that mission into her latest venture, Aye Yo Sis. AYS is a space where women of different walks of life can share successes, their failures and the journeys in between. AYS is designed to bridge the gap and bond women together through their shared experiences with the focus being on motherhood, financial independence, wellness and spirituality. Enji has dedicated her life to sharing her story and the stories of the incredible women that she surrounds herself with. It's Enji's unwavering faith and her strong Christian belief system that has helped her maintain her strength throughout the years. And although trials and tribulations have been the catalyst for AYS, knowing that she can positively impact so many people has given her a new found purpose; to transform the lives of others through community and sisterhood.