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hey beautiful, i'm enji!

I’m Enjoli and I am a mother, entrepreneur and woman of God.


My love for deep conversations and my unwavering faith in God were the catalysts for creating AYS. From growing up in sunny California to a Bachelor’s in Business Studies to studying Acting in NYC, I have never wanted to stop soaking up as much knowledge and as many experiences as I can.


AYS is the business I wanted to see when I first started my entrepreneurial journey and I have now made it my personal mission to never let finance, fear or doubt get in the way of another woman of color’s dream and potential.

Don’t mistake me as a woman who has everything all figured out all the time, no girl! I am learning and figuring things out all the time because that’s what a REAL journey looks like. And that’s why I am so grateful that I get to share my journey with you and the inspiring journeys of other women killing it (and looking cute whilst doing it) every single day.


We all deserve to have our stories heard. Just like the women I speak to all the time, I didn’t let life’s hardships stop me. Just like you, I have an entrepreneurial spirit, BIG visions and a dream and the AYS Community is here to make that a reality.


Aye Yo Sis is my gift to all women of color to inspire creative energy, push start successful businesses and careers and transform the lives of others through community and sisterhood. 


So, what are you waiting for, sis? Join the community!


“I wanted to be the platform women come to propel their dreams"

let's connect, sis!

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