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her bloom foundation


"Giving everyone the opportunity to go after their entrepreneurial dreams.

Her Bloom is a foundation in the making set up by Enjoli Lauderdale to give women of color tips, resources and funding to help their businesses soar.


It’s because of foundations just like this that helped Aye Yo Sis rise from the ground and now it’s our turn to do the same for the women who are setting off on their entrepreneurial journeys and dreaming BIG.


We’re all about trusting the process and inspiring others through community, storytelling and sharing resources and now we’re going one step further to provide funding to take your businesses from the page into the real world. (And to get you those paychecks, girl!)


Giving back to the community has always been a number one priority for us, so this is our thank you to those who supported us, and also our turn to say 

go follow those dreams, sis.

We’re not just here to inspire, we’re gonna make things happen.

Preparing to help your businesses flourish soon in 2024.

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